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Feel happier because, you are growing into yourself

Are you ready to be finally get what you want, be happier and more yourself?

The Grow Into Journal creates direction for your individual joy journey through structured prompts.

    Feel more joy through getting to know yourself better|Get out of a rut through simple practices|Feel your power through grounding excercises

Start any day.

Write anytime.

This 90-day journal is set up to last 90 days in total, but it adapts to your habits.

The beauty of the Grow Into journal is that it works:

Every time you use it

Whenever you start

Without judgment

It works in whatever way you need -

How does Grow Into Work?

The Grow Into journal itself is not magic - It just has a little magic dust in it. Your actions are what make your self grow.

01. Be Grateful

Appreciate what is positive to bring more of it into your life and offer peace.

02. Have a Great Day

By repeating positive affirmations, you manifest a better version of yourself.

03. Affirm

Setting up your day in a hopeful energy moves you closer to your better self.

04. Reflect

The daily reflection helps you know yourself through curiosity and openness.

05. Practice

The daily practice can be a meditation, exercise, or instruction to make you happier.

I want to

About Us

We are Magdalena and Para, the creators of the Grow Into Journal. We both identify as queer and share the experience of being immigrants. Our backgrounds have taught us that self-growth is not just a desire, but a necessity. Journaling is a tool that we hold close to our hearts. But, like many, we know the struggle of maintaining consistency in journaling.

That's why we've designed the Grow Into Journal.

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How to use Grow Into

What are you grateful for today?

Naming what you are grateful for helps you find peace and spend less time thinking about scarcity. By expressing gratitude in the present tense, you call more of these good things into your life.

What would make this day great?

This question starts your day in hopeful energy and can have an amazing effect on your mood. It can be a specific task, a fun activity, or maybe just taking a moment to stop and smell the flowers. The more often you find great things about each day, the easier other positive things become to spot.

Daily Affirmation

Writing a daily affirmation creates a strong connection between your thoughts and your reality. An affirmation is a simple but powerful way for you to replace negative self — talk with a positive truth closer to your genuine self.

Daily Reflection

The Daily Reflection changes every day, with an idea or question that gets you out of your thinking rut. By flexing your self —reflection muscles and letting curiosity guide you, you get to know your true self on a deeper level and can connect with what brings you joy.

Daily Practice

The Daily Practice also changes every day. Simple activities — like a meditation practice, exercise, or instruction — help you find insightand an inner balance. You’ll see yourself more clearly and find peace in each day. Repeat practices you like or try a new one each day. Your inner voice will tell you what is right for you.

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Grow Into Journal

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The Grow Into Journal helps you learn who you are and inspires genuine joy as a result. In this journal you will find:

    90 individual daily pages|Clear structure for a comforting routine|Prompts to help you get to know yourself|Exercises to help ground you

The Grow Into Journal works every time you use it — whenever you use it.

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Dimension: 142x210 mm, 94 pages, ISBN 83248392034