About us

Our story


We are Magdalena and Para, the creators of the Grow Into Journal, a space where self-discovery and personal growth take center stage.

Our journey, much like the journal itself, is one born out of resilience, individuality, and a shared passion for self-improvement.

We both identify as queer and share the experience of being immigrants, bringing unique perspectives and stories to the table. Our backgrounds have taught us that self-growth is not just a desire, but a necessity. 

Journaling is a tool that we hold close to our hearts. It's been a guiding light in our respective journeys. But, like many, we know the struggle of maintaining consistency in journaling.That's why we've designed the Grow Into Journal – a tool that's dedicated to making you feel a little better and happier every time you engage with it, one thought-provoking prompt at a time.

Our mission is simple: we want to help you feel better, even if it's just a little, and ultimately, happier every time you use our journal. We invite you to explore the transformative power of journaling and embrace the beautiful journey of self-improvement. Thank you for joining us on this adventure. We are here to support and empower you, one journal entry at a time. 

If you want to say hi on social media don’t be shy!. This is Magdalena’s insta and this is Para’s 

Why us?


1-1-1 Philanthtopic Model 

From the very beginning we have committed to give 1% of our profits, 1% of our products and 1% of our time back to the community. Social impact is integrated into DNA of our company. 

We don’t cut trees, we plant them. 

Simple. For every journal sold we plant 1 tree. Our journals are 100% recycled, biodegradable and produced with FSCtrademark paper. Same for the envelope and everything in it. We want to drive the change and let you have your part in it!