Reclaim your journey: Reach your true self

Take the guesswork and messiness out of doing the work with Grow Into Journal, a 90-day guide designed to simplify your healing journey.

Daily reflections and practices offer a structured path to gratitude and confidence, making self-discovery an empowering and approachable experience.

Grow Into Journal

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39 USD

Feel better one prompt at a time.

    Heal with the power of gratitude | Increase confidence with affirmations | Break thinking patterns and deepen self-awareness | Ground yourself with varied exercises

The Grow Into Journal’s guided exercises will lead you down a path towards free and happier you, one prompt at a time.

Connect with your true self, heal your pain and reach new heights of positivity and well-being.


  • Each journal plants one tree
  • Undated, lasts 90 days
  • 100% recycled, compostable, and FSC certified paper
  • Bound in 100% linen fabric, 100% cotton sew bind and 100% cotton ribbon

Dimension: 142x210 mm, 94 pages, ISBN 83248392034

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How to use Grow Into

What are you grateful for today?

Acknowledging gratitude brings peace and abundance into your life by shifting focus away from scarcity.

What would make this day great?

Beginning your day with hopeful energy enhances mood and makes it easier to spot positives in everyday life

Daily Affirmation

Daily affirmations bridge thoughts and reality, transforming negative self-talk into positive truths about your genuine self.

Daily Reflection

The Daily Reflection, varying daily with new ideas or questions, helps break thinking patterns, deepens self-awareness, and connects you with joy.

Daily Practice

Daily Practice offers varied activities like meditation, exercise, or instructions, aiding in gaining insight, balance, and peace, while you discover what resonates with your inner voice.

We don’t cut trees, we plant them.

Simple. For every journal sold we plant 1 tree. Our journals are 100% recycled, biodegradable and produced with FSC™ paper. Same for the envelope and everything in it. We want to drive the change and let you have your part in it!

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